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Tara Sanchez

Tara Sanchez

Tara’s path through the mysteries has been long and varied including studying as an OBOD Bard, apprentice to an Enochian Magician, founding member of  The Covenant of Hekate and Initiatory Witch. She is currently the keeper of a private shrine, The Sanctuary of the Infernal Flamefrom within which she facilitates workshops and rituals for devotees of Hekate from all around the world.

She started writing articles about a decade ago for publications such as White Dragon, The Tarot Reader and Oracle Magazine.  And eventually progressed onto larger projects. She was a contributor to Hekate her Sacred Fires (Avalonia Press, 2010) and author of The Temple of Hekate (Avalonia Press, 2011).  She is currently working on two books for Prydein Press.

  • Spirits in a Broken Land is due for publication (February 2017)
  • Touchstones – Hecatean trance and other techniques is due for publication (Samhain 2016)

If you would like to know more about The Sanctuary of the Infernal Flame and the teaching she can facilitate, or would like to know more about her writing, she welcome enquires and well thought out discussion and can be contacted here.

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