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Colin McNulty


Colin McNulty

After graduating Southampton University with an honours degree in Engineering, Colin McNulty started work as a programmer in a highly disciplined Engineering company.  Gaining Chartered Engineer status at an early age, a 20 year cutting edge career ensued working at several blue chip companies, including Compaq (Hewlett Packard), Astra Zeneca, British Telecom and the Ministry of Defence.

Reaching his mid-30’s and finding himself a typically overweight and sedentary office worker, Colin decided to apply his not inconsiderable analytical skills to the problem of fitness and weight loss.

After personally trying many different diets, reading countless diet and heath books, and taking first hand advice from those at the coal face of trying to bring health and wellbeing to the masses, this is Colin’s 5 years’ of cumulative knowledge, wisdom and self-experimentation, distilled into a book that shows you exactly what to eat, in what proportions, how often, and what the physical effects of that diet are through a real life 3 month example.

BeerBellyCoverIt doesn’t purport to be the one truth and everything else is heresy, this isn’t a religion after all, though many defend their particular diets with a fervour religious zealots would envy!  It does however deliver a straight forward non-fad approach to eating that anyone can follow, along with simple and practical tips that will change the way you approach food forever. 

How to lose your Beer Belly Fast is currently a kindle only publication available from Amazon

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