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Welcome to Prydein Press

Tara Sanchez

Tara Sanchez – Executive Director

It’s been a little while coming but I am pleased to announce the launch of Prydein Press.

At the end of 2014 after long discussions with numerous authors and writers, it became obvious that there was a need to provide a broader publishing and digital media service for writers and authors working within the Occult, Pagan and New Age markets. This service would not only cover academic and experiential texts from a Pagan/Occult perspective but would also accept subject matter within the Mind Body Spirit genre and more importantly works of fiction as well.

This idea percolated around in my head for over 12 months until finally systems were in place to publicize our existence. We have a number of exciting upcoming titles, including a 3 volume series focussed on Essex Witchcraft, Folklore and Mythology from J.W.Cole, a study of Urban Fae by yours truly and very excitingly a new, improved and expanded edition of Ancestors and Wights by Dr. Jenny Blain. Obviously we are also looking for other authors to join us so If you have an idea or a manuscript you wish to be considered please read our submission guidelines Here

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